ASH Heat Protectant & Hair Mist SPF15 | مرطب و واقي الشعر

    ASH Heat Protectant & Hair Mist SPF15 | مرطب و واقي الشعر

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      سبراي الشعر المرطب المخصص من أش لحماية الشعر من عوامل الجو المتغيرة والوقاية من الشمس، يتميز بتركيبة تحمي وتعطي الشعر لمعة وحيوية لتحافظ على الفيتامينات والمعادن وقوة الشعر

      يحتوي على زيوت طبيعية مثل الأرجان وزيوت أخرى بتركيبة ممكن استعمالها خلال اليوم وبعد الاستحمام فورا

      يضمن لك منتج أش روتين صحي للشعر يومي وحماية لجذور الشعر

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      ASH Heat Protectant Hair Mist is a special moisturizing hair spray to protect the hair from sun protection and changing weather factors. It is characterized by a formula that will protect and give the hair shine and vitality in maintaining the vitamins, minerals, and strength of the hair. It contains natural oils such as argan and other oils in a combination that can be used during the day and after bathing immediately.

      ASH Heat Defense Hair Mist does not dull or weigh down your hair. It will help you achieve a daily healthy hair routine and hair root protection. 


      Size: 8.45 fl oz / 250 ml  

      Suitable for all hair types and textures




      -  Its light and plant-based formula provides protection against UV rays and heat damage

      -  Its superb fragrance stays on your hair all day long

      -  Makes styling easier and boosts volume

      -  Prevents split ends and control frizz

      -  Suitable for everyday use


      How to use:

      Wash your hair and remove excess moisture. Apply ASH Heat Protectant Hair Mist as a leave-in conditioner to your hair from mid-lengths to ends. Use immediately after hair wash, for better results, or can be any time of the day. Dry it off as usual and don’t rinse. Apply the spray from a distance, and is best used before going out in the heat or before using any heat hair tool. Shake well before starting to use the product. 



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